World’s First Lung Cancer Drug Launched in India

After a decade of research in an endeavor to develop a drug for Lung Cancer, Cadila Pharmaceuticals today launched its DCGI approved ‘Mycidac–C’, a first-of-its-kind drug which will be used in the treatment of Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC).

World's First Lung Cancer Drug Launched in India

According to WHO, approximately 1.25 million people are diagnosed with Lung Cancer every year globally, and around 30% of them suffer from squamous NSCLC.

Dr T Ramasami, Secretary to the Government of India, Department of Science and Technology commented, “Lung cancer is a major killer among all cancers. In this scenario, Mycidac-C is a new hope for patients suffering form lung cancer, particularly for Indian patients.”

This new drug is a first-in-class active immunotherapy, as well as a drug targeting Desmocollin-3. According to Cadila, there has been no significant innovation in the management of squamous NSCLC ever since the introduction of platinum containing doublet in 1983. However, Mycidac-C has to be used with platinum containing doublet therapy.


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