Corruption Perception Index 2013

India ranks a lowly 94 out of 177 countries and territories in the recently released Corruption Perception Index 2013 by Transparency International.


  • Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia are the world’s most corrupt countries while Denmark and New Zealand have come across as least corrupt nations on earth.
  • Five Arab countries : Syria, Iraq, Libya, Somalia and Sudan are among the list of bottom 10 with score of less than 20. They all are dealing with internal instability due to civil war, armed rebels or terrorism.
  • The index, released by graft watchdog Transparency International, does not have a single country with a perfect score of 100.
  • Countries and territories were ranked based on perceived level of corruption in their public sector as seen by country analysts and business people.
  • They are graded on a scale of 0 — 100, where 0 indicates very high corruption perception Index 2013 and 100 reflects absolutely clean public sector.
  • More than two-thirds nations in the list scored less than 50 points out of 100.                       

Corruption Perception Index 2013


Most corrupt Nations:

Rank Country

175 Somalia

175 North Korea

175 Afghanistan

174 Sudan

173 South Sudan

Least corrupt Nations:

Rank Country

1 Denmark

1 New Zealand

3 Finland

3 Sweden

5 Norway

5 Singapore (Least corrupt Asian country)

In the Neighbourhood:

  • Bhutan: 31
  • Sri Lanka: 91
  • Nepal: 116
  • Pakistan: 127
  • Bangladesh: 136
  • Myanmar: 157

Ranking of major Powers: (minus BRICS)

  • Germany: 12
  • UK: 14
  • Japan: 18
  • US: 19
  • France: 22

BRICS Performance:

  • China: 80
  • Brazil & South Africa: 72
  • Russia 127
  • India: 94

Comparison with last year Ranking:

  • This year ranking has been concluded by using a methodology different than that of last year which effectively render any comparison with last year data irrelevant.
  • India was ranked 95th in the last year ranking but that would have become 96th had it applied the current formula.
  • This implies a slight but discreet improvement in India’s position.
  • Pakistan also improved on its last year’s status by 12 places to come up at 127th.

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