India- At The Start Of New Millenium


⇒ Many intellectuals tend to see India since independence as an area of darkness.

⇒ Even, S. Gopal, one of the tallest Indian historians said that with the passage of time Nehru ere faded away which also resulted into fading of golden age. (High aspirations, High nationalism seemed to be lost by the time)

New Millenium

⇒ India even after 50 years of independence was strangled by various problems like mass poverty, gross inequality, intolerable illiteracy, social injustice, gender discrimination, social oppression, corruption, casteism and communalism and poor quality of life in general.

⇒ It does not mean that India didn’t progress. We have achieved a substantial amount of all-round progress click here for more information About New Millenium .


⇒ India has achieved a great success on this part.

Problems with the current national unity:

i) Communalism

ii)Regional economic and developmental disparities leading to demand for a separate state

iii) Right Wing Extremism (generally termed as ‘Naxalism’)

Factors that contributed to national unity:

i) Democracy

ii) Economic Development

iii) Genuine efforts of the government

iv) Rise in the number of state parties which helped to put a regional question at the central level

v) Favorable laws for the tribal people


⇒ Indira Gandhi attributed political success as the greatest success after 1947.

⇒ Our political system is federal, secular & has a multi party system. All this has contributed to political stability.

⇒ Even though collation government exists today they still protect the constitution to the fullest & that is a real miracle.

⇒ Though Communist (says that the current government consists of elites only) & Communalists Parties (underlines the caste demands in the politics) still use their own tactics to win in the political arena but they with the time have got defenders of the constitution. Use of the respective tactics remain only for political purpose & has no further significance.

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