Mauritania General Election 2013 Results

The final result of the recently held national legislative elections in the west African country of Mauritania witnessed the ruling party, Union for the Republic (UPR), making a thumping comeback by winning 74 of the total 147 seats. A further 34 seats were captured by UPR allies adding handsomely to the coalition’s already impressive tally in an election which was boycotted by several opposition parties.

                                                   Mauritania General Election


  • The opposition coalition in all seized 37 seats, led by the Tawassoul Islamist party (TIP), with 16 legislators.
  • TIP, considered an offshoot of Muslim Brotherhood, was banned until 2007.
  • It took the country two rounds of voting to get a complete poll mauritania general election result.
  • The second round of voting was undertaken on 26 out of the total 147 seats which had no clear winners in the first round.
  • The election was the first since an army coup catapulted Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz to power in 2008.
  • Abdel Aziz is now the President of the country having won a presidential election in 2009.

About the country:

  • At least one of every 10 people in this country are slaves (highest in the world in per centage term).
  • Mineral rich Mauritania has reserves of iron ore, copper and gold.
  • The country seeks close alliance with the west to encourage exploration in its offshore oil and gas sector.
  • The sparsely populated Islamic republic, a former French colony, is seen as geopolitically important in the fight against Al-Qaeda-linked groups within and beyond its borders.


  • Capital and largest city: Nouakchott
  • Official languages: Arabic
  • Area: 1,030,700 square km (29th biggest in the world)
  • Population (2012 estimate): 33.5 lacs

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