Taishan: The 4th Chinese Research Station to Come up in Antarctica

China takes another stride in the area of science and technology by establishing its 4th research station – ‘Taishan’ – in Antarctica after Kunlun, Zhongshan and Great Wall. Meant to be a summer-only station, It will contribute in research on bio-ecology and remote satellite sensing. Moreover, China is also looking for a site for another (5th) research station.

                                                              Come up in Antarctica

Key Points:

  • A number of countries, all signatories to the Antarctic Treaty, have research stations in Antarctica.
  • These bases are fixed one unlike their counterparts in Arctic which happen to be drifting ice stations owing to be placed on frozen Sea surface.
  • Many of the research stations operates only in summer while few notables does it year-round (permanent ones).
  • Argentina has the most 7 stations while Russia is close behind with 6.
  • A number of countries including Britain, New Zealand, France, Norway, Australia, Chile and Argentina lay their claim over the territory of Antarctic; Though the claims largely lack global recognition.

India in Antarctic:

  • Maitri is now the sole Indian permanent research station in Antarctica after the shocking burial of the first-ever station Dakshin Gangotri in a landslide in 1990–91.

Research Areas

  • Biology, earth sciences, glaciology, atmospheric sciences, meteorology, cold region engineering, communication, human physiology and medicine.

India in Arctic:

  • Himadri is India’s first and so far the only research station in Arctic.
  • The station, located at Spitsbergen (Svalbard, Norway), was established in 2008.
  • It is operated by National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research.

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